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©All the pictures are the propriety of Patricia Pepin and can't be copied without her authorisation.

Liquide GraceQuartetSnowy NoseGlimmerPacifique Tree Frog in Lungwort Lichen
Cold TrailArctic SentinelMeet me at the Tulip Tree Disruptive PatternChartreuseOrange Koi
Brown Liped SnailA Touch of RedBanana SlugGolden FleeceGreen Frog with OxalideWhite KoiLooking NortOctober Day (Study)

Little Precious

Erratic 5

Resting Bull

La Vie en Vert

White Swan


Erratic 4

Great Blue Heron

Branchu et Pontederie

Rock Dove Romance

Fledgling Great Horned Owl

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